Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Published on: December 10, 2010
Social media pitch
Beta List: Be the first to discover and get access to the newest internet startups.
Beta List gives a curated overview of the latest beta lists across the web.
Beta List is a blog of (potentially) interesting web apps that have yet to launch. By subscribing to their 'beta lists' you often get early access or be notified as soon as the service goes live.

If you either get a kick out of checking out the latest internet startups, just want to reserve your account name or get inspiration for your own webapp Beta List is for you.

For those in the know:
Beta List is very similar to (and inspired by) The Museum of Modern Betas with the big distinction you will only find startups on Beta List that have not yet publicly launched and have a beta list available.
Stay ahead of the curve.

— Marc Köhlbrugge, Initiator