BV Capital leverages startup discovery platform Beta List to find new startups

Earlier investments include Groupon, Sonos, and Delicious

Beta List and BV Capital as well as its European counterpart eVenture Capital have teamed up to provide the most promising startups published on the startup discovery site a chance to meet the VC firm that invested in companies like Groupon, Delicious, Sonos,, and many more.
How it works

BV Capital / eVenture Capital is one of the leading global early stage venture capital firms known for its investments in some of the biggest internet companies. Each week for four weeks in a row, the most promising startup on Beta List gets a meeting with the investors behind these internet success stories.

Early adopters
Early adopters help decide which startups get a meeting by retweeting their favorite startups' posts, sending tweets, writing blogposts about startups they like, etc.

Founders looking for early stage funding can apply by submitting their startup.


"I see so many great startups and wish I could invest in some. Fortunately, BV Capital sees the same opportunity and wants to meet with some of those amazing startups. Can't wait to see what happens!" Marc Köhlbrugge, Beta List
"We are really looking forward to working with Beta List and the community of entrepreneurs surrounding it. There’s a large number of interesting ideas out there and we’re here to help turn them into great businesses!" Sebastian Pollok, BV Capital / eVenture Capital
About BetaList

BetaList lets early adopters, investors and journalists discover tomorrow's startups, today. The site has previously covered startups such as Pinterest, IFTTT and Mailbox before they launched and made it big. BetaList has featured almost 4,000 startups to date and is adding between 100 and 150 more every month.

BetaList is a widely recognized resource to discover new startups and has been featured in publications like the New York Times, Forbes, TechCrunch, The Next Web, Business Insider and many more.